Twitter Logo: Blue Bird Flies Away as ‘X’ Takes Center Stage

In a surprising move, Twitter has bid farewell to its iconic blue bird logo and embraced a new identity centered around the letter ‘X.’

The decision was announced following an endorsement from none other than Elon Musk over the weekend. As part of this rebranding effort, visitors to the social media network on Monday were greeted with a minimalist design featuring a white X prominently displayed against a black background. The change marks a significant departure from Twitter’s previous branding and signals the company’s eagerness to redefine its identity and carve a fresh path.

In a notable development, Elon Musk tweeted that now redirects to, indicating a clear connection between the two. Musk further referred to the recent logo change as an “interim” measure, hinting at the possibility of another logo alteration in the future.

Late Sunday, Musk made a significant update to his profile picture, replacing it with Twitter’s new logo featuring the letter “X.” Also, the official Twitter account, @Twitter, has also undergone a rebranding, adopting the new X logo as both its name and display picture.

In a recent tweet, CEO Linda Yaccarino acknowledged Twitter’s historical impact on reshaping communication and emphasized that the new logo, X, is set to take things even further. X is poised to introduce a range of innovative features, placing a strong focus on audio, video, messaging, payment/banking services, and more.

Both Yaccarino and Musk proudly showcased the X logo on their respective Twitter handles, signaling their alignment with the platform’s new branding direction.

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