Tech cartel invites you to become an integral part of our small African team. We are building a company that enables people to consume tech content worthy of their time and attention. Tech Cartel is making it easier for anyone in Africa and across to access accurate and well-written tech content, no matter how noisy it gets.

If you are like the founders of Tech Cartel, passionate about improving people’s lives with information technology, then we believe Tech Cartel has a space reserved for you. We hope you are prepared and ready to embrace this opportunity and positively impact the lives of many people across several countries and platforms.

In a world where everyone is buried in content, and it’s becoming increasingly hard to separate the fallacies from facts and truth from fiction, We offer you a platform where the truth always prevails and free speech can rise above the noise. We are dedicated to ensuring that people around the world, especially Africans, are given an opportunity to read factual details about anything that interests them through Tech Cartel.

If our story sounds compelling and interests you in any way, we would love to meet you.
For more enquiries email us at: ([email protected])