China Plans Early 6G Applications by 2025

China United Network Communications, the third-largest wireless network operator in China, is set to launch early 6G technology applications by 2025, with the aim of potentially rolling out the technology commercially by the beginning of the next decade.

During the China Development Forum (CDF), a two-day conference that began on Saturday, China Unicom’s chairman, Liu Liehong, disclosed the timeline for the launch of early 6G applications by 2025.

He announced that China will introduce “application scenarios” for early 6G technology by 2025. As the world’s largest internet user population and biggest smartphone market, China has been actively researching and developing 6G technology since 2019. While the commercial launch of the technology in China is expected to begin from 2030.

China has been actively researching and developing 6G technology since 2019.

During the same event, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Jin Zhuanglong, highlighted China’s leadership in research and development of the technology globally. He also stated that China has already taken the lead in rolling out 5G mobile networks and applications.

China’s three major telecoms network operators – China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom – have reportedly been actively involved in the research and development of early 6G technology. These companies have also been focused on accelerating the deployment of 5G infrastructure and services across China.

China’s push to become a global technology leader through its investments and research into technologies such as 6G, could have significant implications for the future of the technology industry and international relations.

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