ZiVA: All You Need to Know About Zenith Bank Chatbot

ZiVA – It is indeed exciting to witness the growing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) by financial institutions. In recent years, banks and other financial service providers have increasingly turned to AI-driven solutions to streamline processes and deliver personalized services to their customers.

One such remarkable advancement is the integration of AI-powered chatbots, like ZiVA, into banking systems.

ZiVA, short for Zenith Intelligent Virtual Assistant, is an innovative solution owned by Zenith Bank. Zenith Bank stands as a prominent financial institution with a vast user base, serving numerous customers across various banking needs. With the introduction of the virtual assistant, users now have the convenience of resolving certain banking issues without the need to physically visit the bank.

ZiVA serves as a virtual aid, using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to interact with users and provide assistance in real-time. With its intuitive capabilities, ZiVA represents Zenith Bank’s commitment to leveraging technology to deliver exceptional customer experiences in the digital age.

All You Need to Know About Zenith Bank Chatbot - ZiVA

Features of ZiVA – Zenith Bank Chatbot

  1. 24/7 Availability: Zenith Intelligent Virtual Assistant is available round the clock, providing assistance to users anytime they need it, be it during business hours or late at night. This means that regardless of the time of day, users can rely on the virtual assistant to offer support and address their inquiries promptly.
  2. Instant Responses: With ZiVA, users can expect instant responses to their queries. The virtual assistant uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to quickly understand and address user inquiries.
  3. Conversational Interface: Zenith Bank Chatbot offers a conversational interface, allowing users interact with the virtual assistant in a natural manner. Users can simply type their queries or commands, and the virtual assistant will respond accordingly.
  4. Account Management: Users can conveniently manage their accounts through ZiVA. From checking account balances to viewing transaction history, the virtual assistant provides easy access to account information.
  5. Transaction Support: ZiVA assists users with various transactions, including fund transfers, bill payments, and account withdrawals. Users can initiate transactions through the virtual assistant.
  6. Product Information: ZiVA provides information about Zenith Bank’s products and services. Users can inquire about banking products, interest rates, and promotional offers directly through the virtual assistant.

How to Use ZiVA (Zenith Intelligent Virtual Assistant)

  1. Save the dedicated WhatsApp number, +234-7040004422, to your phone contacts. Make sure it is the number linked to your Zenith Bank alerts.
  2. Initiate a conversation by sending a “hi” message to the number on WhatsApp.
  3. Follow the prompts afterwards.


  • A Zenith Bank Account

What ZiVA Can Assist You With:

  • Paying Bills
  • Purchasing Data
  • Transferring Funds: The chatbot facilitates fund transfers between accounts, making it effortless for users to send money to family, friends, or business associates.
  • Opening an Account
  • Viewing Mini and Full Account Statements: Users can access both summarized and detailed account statements through the chatbot.
  • Sending Bank Statements to Embassies/Other Financial Institutions
  • Checking Your Balance: Users can conveniently check their account balances in real-time through ZiVA.
  • Requesting/Stopping/Confirming Cheques, Blocking Cards, Freezing Accounts: ZiVA assists users with various account management tasks, including requesting, stopping, or confirming cheques, as well as blocking cards or freezing accounts for security purposes.
  • Logging and Tracking Complaints: The chatbot provides a platform for users to log and track complaints regarding banking services, guaranteeing timely resolution and effective communication with the bank.
  • ATM/Branch Locator: Users can easily locate nearby ATMs or bank branches through the chatbot.
  • Live Chat: Zenith bank chatbot also offers live chat support, allowing users engage with customer service representatives in real-time to address concerns promptly.

Zenith Intelligent Virtual Assistant makes banking easier and gives Zenith bank customers more control and access to financial services. As financial institutions continue to embrace AI technologies, it promises a future with even better and more customer-friendly banking.

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