Twitter’s per-article charging feature to be launched in May

On Saturday, Twitter CEO Elon Musk announced that the social media platform will introduce a feature in May that allows media publishers to charge users per article. Musk explained that users who do not wish to sign up for a monthly subscription can opt to pay a higher price for reading an occasional article. He believes that this new feature will benefit both the public and media organizations.

Despite the announcement, there are still few details about the upcoming feature. Musk only confirmed that it will begin rolling out in May, leaving it unclear which accounts and media outlets will have access to the per-article charging feature. Furthermore, the company’s commission for the feature was not disclosed by the company’s CEO.

Since assuming control of the social media company in October, Musk has quickly implemented numerous organizational adjustments. He introduced the paid service of a Twitter-verified blue tick and downsized its workforce by around 80%.

Twitter also shut down its free API and launched a new paid version, which would cost enterprise customers nearly $50,000 per month for access.

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