Instagram Launches ‘Channels’, a Broadcast Chat Feature

The popular social media platform Instagram has introduced a new feature called “Instagram Channels”, which allows users to stay updated and engaged with the content that matters to them the most. Users can now stay up-to-date on specific topics, brands, people, and more.

On Thursday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement through one of the new channels, which is currently only available on mobile. The new format enables creators to broadcast messages and updates to a wide range of followers who choose to follow the channel. However, followers cannot make posts within the channels, but they are allowed to respond with emojis and participate in polls.

Instagram Launches 'Channels'

The Meta Channel 📢, created by Zuckerberg, will serve as a platform to share the latest updates and news about the products and technologies being developed at Meta. By giving priority to Meta Channel, he encourages people to follow it. In the future, channels will also allow collaborations with guest appearances and AMAs. Currently, channels are only accessible on Instagram, but they will be introduced to Messenger and Facebook in the upcoming months.

Instagram launches 'Channels'; a Broadcast Chat Feature

The feature is presently undergoing testing with a specific group of creators, such as snowboarder Chloe Kim and streamer Valkyrae. They will launch their broadcast channels on Thursday. Although there is a waitlist for the feature, it is currently at full capacity, as stated by Meta.

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