Facebook Messenger is getting a built-in bill splitting feature

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Facebook Messenger is getting a built-in bill splitting feature!

Facebook parent company Meta has announced a new feature for its Messenger app. They are adding a new feature to Facebook Messenger in order to make it easier for people to split bills with friends. The new bill splitting feature enables users to split a bill with friends without having to leave the Messenger app. Facebook will test the feature with users in the US beginning next week.

This new feature is a boon for those who want to split a bill with others. It’ll cut down the number of steps involved in splitting a bill with friends and family, and it’ll also save on data usage. This means that you don’t have to leave the app, open up the calculator, and enter in your share of the bill. You can just do it all from within Facebook Messenger which saves you time and effort. Facebook is not the first company to offer a bill split service. Venmo, Splitwise, SettleUp and Square Cash have been offering this service for some time now.

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To use Split Payments, click on the “Get Started” button in the Chat or Messenger’s Payment Hub. From there, you can divide a bill among all those in your group chat, splitting evenly or modifying the contribution from each individual, including yourself. You can also input a personal message, after which you will be asked to confirm your Facebook Pay details. Once you confirm these details, your request will be sent and viewable in the group chat.

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